First of all, he is a much loved little dog. Both my husband and I find him absolutely delightful. Nick has had about 3 months of puppy agility in the winter, and we are just finishing up our 8 weeks obedience class.

He is a favorite of our daughter and her children, and his favorite playmate is their Samoyed. Our old sheltie, Maggie, who just completed her AKC excellent agility title at the age of 12, also likes to play with him. Nick is good at initiating play from her. Sometimes the youngest sheltie, age 8, joins in the game.

Nick is just exactly what I was looking for in a new agility and obedience dog. It won't be a snap to train him, because he's energetic and spunky, but that spunk will mean he won't shut down in the ring the way the shelties tend to do.

Nick loves to lie by either of us in the evening. If my lap is occupied with my stitching frame, he hops over to my husband's recliner and jumps up there. You were right in calling him a special little dog. I adore him, and am so happy he came our way.