Thank you so much for bringing our little Minnie Cosette into our lives!

To say we adore her is an understatement. Sweet loving innocent little imp! So active, intelligent, and adventurous---not to say fearless. Cosette believes she is as big as her biggest brother Miller (a Golden Retriever who weighs 150# and not fat!) She has him convinced too and he loves to play with her. Her other brother, a 4 year old Cavalier, wasn't as excited to welcome her to the family. ("That dumb baby"--what my 4 year son said when I brought home his baby sister and seemed like Roland was thinking) But he is warming up and they are napping together and playing together. Not so great at sharing toys but we're working on it.

Cosette was happy to move into her new home and into our hearts and delights in life all her waking hours. She is a joy. We have never brought a new puppy home that so easily adapted like Cosette. She enjoys her little sanctuary (crate), never cries at night and greets each day with a joyful burst of energy. AND she's doing quite well with her potty training!

Again we thank you and your family for the precious little girl that she is!

Laurie and John Coyner