Hi Margie,

Just wanted to let you know that Fabian is doing very well. He seems to like us although he was missing you guys a lot. He is eating, playing and sleeping well. He already knows how to sit, and is doing quite well with housetraining. I can't thank you enough for crate training your puppies, it makes everything so easy, especially traveling. We have already received many compliments on Fabian's gorgeous ears. He is so handsome. If you get a chance to E-mail back, can you tell me if he had any brothers or sisters, what time he was born, was he first or last, weight, I know his dad was Raider, and I think you said his moms name was Wendy. I can imagine he was one of the feistier puppies!

I only want to know so I can start his little "puppy" book, and also people are curious and want to know all about him (his mom-mom and pop-pop for instance). I hope we can keep in touch. I will send you some pictures when he grows out his coat a bit and maybe you could include us on your extended relatives page. Thanks again and thank-you to your family for giving us such a happy and loveable baby.

Maureen Tyrrell (and family)

I was so excited to see Fabian on your extended family page! Thank-you. Here's a little blurb on Chloe and Fabian, I want her to be included also.

Fabian was our first Monarch Papillon and has been a bundle of joyful energy from the start. He is lovable, happy, and amazingly smart. I felt the need to keep tabs on his half sisters as they were so adorable. Two weeks later, his gentle, sweet and tiny sister, Chloe arrived. She is the perfect lap puppy. Fabian adores her and could barely contain himself when she first arrived. They are now inseparable, and are quite the conversation piece when we go out. I will be forever grateful to Margie for blessing us with these wonderful new family members.

Maureen and family