Keebler is just the life of the party where ever he goes! Everyone flocks to him and he just loves new people. He will jump right up in their lap and give kisses without even getting permission first. Everyone just adores him and we so love having him as part of our family. He will be finishing his Therapy Dog training soon and we will be visiting Nursing homes, hospitals, and working with children for motivation. I think just having him on your lap is instant therapy myself.

The best thing about Keebler are just his funny little antics and the way he smiles when he looks at you. He will also swing his helicopter tail around like crazy, just for looking at him or saying his name. We took him camping this past summer and he loved it! Beleive it or not, he has loved the snow storms that we have been getting hit with as well. Both of our dogs were way to little to go out in the 1-2 feet of snow, so we cleared paths around the yard. But Keebler still braved hoping through the snow. Sometimes all you could see were ears! We have never had such a loving dog and we have 100% been sold on this breed. We know that we will always have Papillons' as part of our family.

I just wanted to thank you and let you know how wonderful he is doing. I have sent some attachments so that you can see how handsome he has become. When he was a pup, his coloring or "batty mask" were hardly noticeable, and now he is such a looker!
Enjoy and thanks again!
Christie (Federline) Berzinski
Frederick, Maryland