Dear Margie,
This is our papillion, Maisie. We bought (Delilah) from you at the end of July and we are all enjoying her tremendously. She is a great joy to our family and never keeps us bored. Thank you so much, here is a picture of her at Halloween. She is wearing half of her caterpillar costume (the ear piece she tried to eat). We hope you enjoy them!
Sincerely, Ashley Gowland

This is my papillion Maisie, we've had her for a year and a half now. (I sent you pictures of her last year in her halloween costume, and this is Maisie now. Shes a year and a half old.) I can't remmeber how I slept without her beside me curled up in bed... she's such a sweetheart, and as you can see, she is very attached :O) (and might I add she's an incredibly loyal dog). She's grown up beautifully, and although she is a little chubby, she loves life and is a very, very happy and loved addition to our family.
Thanks again,