I have been meaning to write you but I have been busy having so much fun playing with my new owners. I did exactly what you said when the plane from Kansas landed in Florida. I stood perfectly tall with my eyes wide open and it was love at first site for all of us! I even saw tears of happiness on my momās face.

When we arrived home I could not believe they had my favorite food, so many toys and especially those safe teething bones to let me chew as much as I wanted.Ā I would play so hard I would just fall asleep in Ellenās arms and they would just think it was so cute when I would sleep on my back! They even have this large inside plastic pen I could play in and not get in trouble or hurt myself when they needed a time out. Most of all we just play and play and play. I have taught them how to throw the ball for me or play tug of war with my favorite toys that squeak but don't have any stuffing in them. They are always taking pictures and laughing. Everyone says I am spoiled rotten and worth every penny they paid for me.

Sometimes I get to go in the car but I have to sit in this seat so I can't bounce around. I try to squeak but it doesn't work so I just chew on my chewy or just go to sleep. You should see this purse I get to be in when we go into stores, I don't know why they take me because they can't get any shopping done because everyone stops to say I am the cutest dog they have ever seen! My Mom says I am a people magnet and thinks I am so smart and special. Her newest trick was this thing called a comfort harness. At first I would just stand there but now we are getting the hang of going for walks. I mostly just love to run in my backyard and pickup sticks or anything else I can get in my mouth but they are real serious and when I am a good girl and go potty I get a treat they call a cookie. I can even go potty on the leash. This works out perfect cause I get to go a lot of places. I am great with kids and trying to learn how to be social with other dogs. My Mom wants me to tell you how beautiful I am and that I couldn't be any more perfect. My ears are getting fuzzy, I am getting my coat and my tail feathers are looking great. I still like to wear a sweater when it is cool at the beach but my vet says I am just perfect and I am now 4 months old and weigh 4 ½ pounds. Give my kisses to the family and tell them I have a new name.

Love, Monarchs Island girl Tiki Rose


Tiki Rose is two years old now and the love of our life!
Ellen Brassell