My family is *super* pleased with the Papillon that we purchased from Margie! We have had Monarch's Trick or Treat (Boo) for two years now and this has been the easiest, most socialized, affectionate dog we have ever purchased. He immediately blended into our family life. I showed Shih Tzus for years, so I know a well socialized and happy puppy when I see one.

This puppy bounced out of an airline crate with tail wagging and has been a little charmer form the first moment we laid eyes on him. Boo has a drop dead gorgeous coat , beautiful little face, and he is this stunning orange/red and white color.

But his best point is his personality and how he had obviously grown up, played, and slept with Margie's kids. He is also the smartest dog we have ever owned. I can't sing the praises high enough on how well adjusted and happy this little guy was when we got him, and how much of a special part of our family he has become over the last two years.

The Uckotters