I am so thrilled that my beautiful Bo finally has the title he deserves. I also knew he had the potential, it just took awhile for everything to fall in place for both of us. I am thankful that Wade saw his potential and was able to bring out the best in him. Congratulations on breeding such a pretty boy. Bo is very special to me for so many reasons. He is so darn cute that some of the naughty gets overlooked:) I want to tell you how I came up with his name. CH. Monarch's Lo and Behold. I don't know if you remember that scorching hot August afternoon when we came to your house, after driving 8 hours and knowing that we had an 8 hour return trip home....but I do! Tom and Kathy's little Bella had already "picked" them and I was looking at some male puppies. The puppies you had in the yard were precious, but nothing called to my heart. Papillons were relatively new to me and I was having trouble knowing what I wanted. I was so disappointed because I thought I was going home without a puppy that day. You said you had some puppies that you had not offered yet and went into the house. You came back out with a female and two adorable tri colored puppies in your arms. I didn't think I knew what I wanted until....I laid eyes on one of the puppies with a big wide blaze, huge ears and the sweetest, most eager eyes I had ever seen. That was it!! That was my puppy!! I have never regretted that on the spot decision and never looked back. And, my house has never been the same! On the long trip home, we talked about names. Then it came to me. His name would be Lo and Behold......because" lo and behold", I wasn't going home disappointed and without a puppy that day, after all. Thanks again. He is truly a treasure. Attaching a baby picture of that face that I couldn't resist.