At Nova Puppies we strive to match new owners and puppies together. Below are a few letters from our many satisfied extended families.


Margie, I thought you might enjoy a picture of your little Cavalier. I named him Charlie. I really love him. Thank you so much.


Our little Cocoa Puff will be one year in August and we think he may have finally made it to 3 pounds. His last vet visit a few months ago put him at 2.3 pounds. He got in our shower and we heard him crying because he didn’t realize all he had to do is step out....after all, he runs up and down stairs all the time. He is perfectly healthy, just small, so he never goes outside without being on a leash even at the small dog park. We have eagles and other large birds that could easily snatch him up. He is the opposite of shy, very friendly and outgoing. Cocoa and my 2 yr old granddaughter are best friends. We are always watching when they are together and she is very gentle with him.


Sophie has been just great! Only one accident in the house. She loves the outdoors. She absolutely LOVES BElle our lab and Belle ABSOLUTELY loves her. I can honestly say that she has made Belle so much more active - and more happy. Wonderful disposition and dog!


Bootsie is doing well. We are having a lot of fun with her. She has a real outgoing personality and loves to play in our yard. The only thing she doesn't like is being put in her kennel at night but I think she will get used to it.


Margie, we adore him. He is zooming all over the house. He plays hard but wants (demands) cuddle time and prefers to eat out of my hand Jack (aka Leo) retrieves all toys 100% of the time. Drops it and waits .. I have a harness now for going outside!! I am super fast ( mom can't keep up especially with the deep snow outside!!) I am soooo happy and kinda spoiled.


Bosco's name is now Cozy! He is such a doll (except when he grabs onto my pant leg!). I'm totally in love, as is everyone who meets him - which you already knew. And he is so smart - has figured out the doggie door and ramp to the sofa on his own. Plus part mountain goat - no pen for him as he can climb out of it! Sleeping either on me or next to me on the bed. Amazing appetite with no tummy troubles from new foods (switched to Health Extensions Little Bites kibble + Just Food for Dogs).
All best to you & Happy Holidays, Sherie


Margie, here are a few photos of our darling Tess. We picked her up from you on June 9. She is now 6 mos old, sassy, sweet and definitely spoiled. She's a tiny little thing; weighing in at only 3.8 - 4lbs. Loves everyone and everything. She's so darn irresistible that everywhere I go, complete strangers take her pictures. From the day we brought her home, people wanted to know where I was able to find such a beautiful and unique little girl. Thank's so much for the joy she's brought to us.
God bless you!
Just wanted to share a couple of photos of little Tess (formally Rosie.) She’s now 14 months and quite a beauty. Love her so much! I thank God for leading me to you so that I could have this precious little girl.


Here’s Shiloh living his best life haha (especially in his little tshirt we give him on colder days). Thanks so much!


Good morning Margie. I purchased Oscar last week. Just wanted to let you know how great he is doing and thanks again!


Callie has been with us over a year now and I thought I would give you a little update how she has been doing.
We took her to some classes to learn some basic commands such as sit,down,stay,heel (she was the hit of the class). She loves to play ball and if we don't throw it she will get the ball run upstairs and let it roll down and then she runs down after it. Loves,loves to play. We starting taking her to the senior living facility a couple of months ago and each time she goes she does better. The residents just love her,especially her ears. Most of them have never seen a papillon before. She is a very smart and active dog that we love.Hope all is well with you and yours. The picture is one of the residents holding Callie.
Linda and David Callahan


As you know, I found Flash in a very round about way and he landed in my arms 6 weeks ago on my birthday. What a couragous and active dog he is! From his first night he has been my bedmate. He climbed out of his playpen at the foot of my bed and over the footboard and snuggled right in. He is so smart! I have a lot of activity boards and toys to keep give him a "job" to do and he is learning to be very well behaved. This is a picture after his bath at 7 1/2 months old. My gosh has his coat started coming in beautifully and his tail is amazing! He loves new activities and fits right in with my lifestyle. What an amazing companion he is. I've already received the paperwork for his first Visa! He is doing very well at puppy school and I am a very proud Mammy! Thank you so much for thinking of me when you decided to re-home him.



Just wanted to let you know Rollo is doing great. He’s such a good dog. Here’s a photo.

Lady Pi

UPDATE 7/9/2018

Lady Pi has her CGC, Trick Novice, and recently Rally Novice titles. We are working on agility-she’s very smart, eager to please and a real sweetheart. Thanks for asking.
Lady Pi is the sweetest little girl. Thank you for sending her thru my daughter, Nicole. We love the way Lady Pi seems so sociable-our last previous family dog, a Schnauzer, could not be around other dogs and I was reluctant to get any more dogs after she passed away. However, years ago, we gave a Pap to our daughter, who became her constant companion to this day (now 12 yrs. old), so I guess she wanted to repay the kindness with Lady Pi. Apparently right on the mark! We adore Lady Pi!
Kathy Mims


The Nor’East Toy Dog Cluster was Pippa’s first venture into multiple shows in a day. The Classic Toy Dog Club of Western Massachusetts, Inc. hosted Friday morning, May 25 and Saturday May 26. The Town & Country Toy Dog Club of Eastern Massachusetts, Inc. hosted Friday afternoon, May 25 and Sunday May 27. The venue was the Wide World of Indoor Sports in North Kingstown, Rhode Island. The shows are well attended. Pippa won the Friday morning show!! It was her first win, a five point major!! Friday afternoon she went reserve. I was even more surprised at her Saturday morning win, another five point major!! Sunday she finished up the week end going reserve. To say we were walking on air is an understatement. What a wonderful way to end the cluster. The “Pip” was right on, it finally clicked. We truly appreciated the many compliments she received. I am ever so grateful that Margie has trusted her to my care.


Hi Margie! Teddy (aka Grant) just turned 9 months a few days ago and he's just a complete stud. Makes our hearts melt daily.


Hi Margie, this is Monica Medlam. I purchased "cosmo" from you. His name is now Cooper and I wanted to update a pic of him. He is absolutely stunning and we get compliments all the time about how gorgeous he is. He has changed so much and can't wait to see how he turns out. Super sweet and spunky!! We love him so much


Hey Margie, this is Madeline Lawrence and I purchased a female papillon from you last year. I just wanted to tell you again a huge thank you for Mimi and how wonderful she is. We celebrated her 1st birthday yesterday and I wanted to send you some photos of her. She is very loved and has been a wonderful addition to my family. My mom was wondering if you sometimes have older papillons that you are trying to sell or re-home. Thank you again so much,
Madeline Lawrence


Riley is sooo cute and smart! He's good at playing with his toys by himself when we are tired too. He's a great retriever and drops it when I ask. He's eating great and doing really good with potty training. This is my mom. That's the best smile we've seen from her in a long time. Thank you so much for this amazing little guy! Everyone (especially me) loves him!


Margie, just a quick update. Kiwi has been sleeping the whole night through since day 1. I don't know how he does it; I've never had a puppy do this so young. He relieves himself on a potty pad because we don't want to take him outside on the ground until fully vaccinated. We took him to the vet today and he got his parvo vaccine (no lepto) and microchip. All staff at the vet's office came to admire him because he is so good looking. Our vet was stunned at how calm and confident he was throughout the whole ordeal, as he didn't react to the shot.
He already retrieves a ball, tugs like a monster, and is learning to perch. This is the easiest and most "well behaved" puppy we've ever had. He is super confident and trusting and our female GSD thinks he is her baby. His temperament and good behavior is a testament to how you breed and how you handle the puppies while young. He sleeps all night!! Wow. Here he is learning to perch.
Thank you again Margie, we will continue to update (hopefully not annoyingly so.)
Mary & Dan


Just wanted to give you an update on Turbo(Rousseau). As you can see he has a new little papillon buddy now in SF. They love playing together on our roof top. Rousseau has such a good personality, he is outgoing, brave and curious. He is SUPER smart. He already learned - laydown, sit, give paw and rollover. He is working on heel dead :p
He loves other dogs and especially loves people - everyone is his new best friend! :)
Both his ears are up now and he is really cute. Thank you for letting me have such a cute puppy with a GREAT personality!
Cheers !- Ran


We're at work. I love them!
Thanks so much!


Rosie is doing great. Sooooo cute in Lilly’s dress. Lilly was a couple months older when she wore it. Love them both so much!
My 2 Nova girls Lilly & Rosie with big brother Buddy. Rosie is 4.1 lbs and doing great. Loves her sisters and Brother. As you can see she is beautiful. Just what I was looking for to complete our pack.
Ruth Leon

Sir Newton

Thank you for asking-he is currently either #2 Breed or #3 All Breed I think, according to AKC. He is very handsome-I knew he was special when he was a growing teen and those huge ears and gorgeous coloring.
Kathy Mims


We had a very good first night. She is the best puppy. Slept beside me all night. No problems. Love her personality and her beautiful marking. She is a love.



Hi Margie,
Nato and I arrived home about 45 minutes ago. He was such a good good boy, you should be very proud! I sent you first photos from my phone to your phone. My heart melted the minute I saw his face through the carrier...even the PPS people were remarking how cute he is.. I am overjoyed, in love, and cannot stop smiling :) Thank you so so much! I will keep you posted on his progress. He is the best xmas present ever!!!!



Hi Margie,
This is Kelly Neuburger. We got our precious Pete from you back in July. Just wanted to send you some photos. He’s doing great! And so much fun!!



Hey Margie,
Here is a picture of Hunter working as a therapy dog, pictured with Fred, the manager. ( not allowed to show pictures of patients) Hunter worked with the mentally challenged folks at Life Opportunities Inc for eight years. he was a perfect therapy dog. that was his calling. he loved people. best, Marcia---



I absolutely adore this little Leo ( his new name is Basil)! He's a wonderful puppy. His temperament is amazing; he is so sweet and cuddly but also very playful, not to mention he is unbelievably adorable. I couldn't be happier and I am so very grateful for him, thank you!



I wanted to take a moment to send a few pics of Ace (now Pappy). He is such a wonderful little puppy! I didn't tell you at the time, but I knew I wanted a dog someday that was mine as opposed to my kids dogs. Well, in August I had 2 of my 6 kids move out of the house ( one into a dorm for the first time and one to manhattan 3 hours away) and also lost my dad on the 16th. I decided now was the time to get my dog! When I asked how old he was and you said he was born on 6/17 I knew that was the dog for me. That was my dads birthday. Which is why I named him Pappy after my dad and short for papillon.
He is so friendly and outgoing to people of all ages and also to other dogs. He is also so very smart and loyal and well behaved. He follows me everywhere I go. This past weekend we had a huge family reunion and he was loved by all. I had many cousins ask me about him who had never heard of papillons before. And many threats of dognapping ,I absolutely adore him.



Here Jack is content with his new home. Love this little man.
Thanks Margie!



I want to thank you for trusting me with this lovely puppy. Her conformation is only out shined by her spirit!! You were very responsive and easy to do business with. I truly appreciate your willingness to work with me.
Kathleen Augaitis



Gizmo is very playful and full of energy. He likes to think he is a big dog and makes sure he doesn't miss anything our big dogs are doing. He is literally always on the go. He also loves to give kisses and loves to be laying on our laps while chewing on a bone. His cuteness literally makes it impossible to be mad at him!!



Updated 3/4/2017
Ricco finished his EXPERT trick dog title and we're working on his Championship trick dog title!

We went to a trick training workshop in Colorado last week. Ricco received three titles- novice, intermediate and advanced (they didn’t have the advanced ribbons at the workshop so they are sending me the missing one).
Thought this was a cute photo, although he’s a little dirty from hiking in the mountains with us the week before. Grooming appointment next Tuesday!



Just wanted to tell you how well Chase is doing. He is so good with people, other dogs, and children. He's really growing fast. We just love him!



He and Miyuki hit it off so fast I'm so happy! The cats are going to take a little longer lol. He is doing great!
Leslie from NY



Here is the latest picture of our 4 "little " kids. Nick is the one we got from you and is still my favorite. He is far right in the picture.
Debi Rhinehart





Thank you very much for allowing us to adopt Lola. From the moment she got off the plane she knew she was home! She is fun and full of life, smart and sweet. Patient with the kids, loving & kind. She is fearless and struts around the house without a concern. We purchased Lola as a dog for my daughter to show in Juniors etc but to be honest, she is loved and enjoyed by everyone in the house daily. As a breeder myself for many years, I can appreciate a well bred dog with a sterling temperament and we got all we were looking for with her. She has a wonderful spirit and I know Nicole and Lola will enjoy showing together for years to come! Thank you again for our beautiful little lolita! Here she is enjoying getting fancy. : )
Annette from Appleridge GSD

Merry Christmas
Been awhile since we sent you an update. Lola is a much loved and wonderful addition to the family. Nicole & Lola are absolutely inseparable! She has achieved her UKC,National & International Championship.( Picture attached) Also got her CGC, CGCA,CGCU. Now Nicole & Lola will be entering AKC rings for Juniors, Breed Competition as well as Agility. Thank you again for letting us share our lives with Lola!



Here I am with my new brother Kairo. We are trying to adjust to each other. He is having a harder time than I am. He is a bit spoiled and a little shy. But I know we will be best friends soon. I've been doing a pretty good job with the potty pad and love exploring my new home. I've even met another papillon who lives a couple of blocks away. I've gotten to go on walks with Kairo, but of course I get carried because I'm still too little. I so want to be able to walk with him in a few weeks. I'm trying to learn a couple of commands, but I need more practice. I've been a great sleeper at night and only get up about once. I just wanted to let you know that I am doing great!!
Kingston (and his new mommie Sherrie Morris)


Charmer is doing beautifully. The cat and Charmer are feeling each other out. He goes to the back door when he has to go the bathroom. We love him....thank you for the beautiful gift!


Penny is doing great. She has some favorite toys. Kennels well. Eating well. Barks at her reflection. Cuddles well. Pees outside nicely. Wins over the hearts of visitors. We are enjoying her. Had her first visit with our vet on Tuesday to get her established. Lots of fans there among the staff.


Fenway is wonderful by the way thank you. He actually loves my baby's swing. Probably just because he always wants everything that belongs to the baby since he thinks he's the baby lol


I wanted to share a little update on our lovely "Jewel"! Born 1/11/16, she is growing at warp speed!
When she came to her new "forever home" she weighed 2 lbs., 3 oz. she now weighs 5lbs!
As she grows her beautiful coloring continues to become more refined. Her parti-color is showing
up with a sweet splash of brown in her brows, inside both ears, & a complimentary brush stroke
on one side of her face.

She is so playful! She's learning several words including the names of all her toys! She's learned
to retrieve her toys by name & will bring them to me & drop the in her bed (most of the time)!
She rolls in the floor with her "big sister" & also kisses her sister & licks her sisters mouth, ears, & eyes!
She's quite the little performer with excellent posture. She knows how to strike a pose,
and loves to be the center of attention & to be photographed!
Now that she has finished her puppy shots & has her Rabies shots we will go to the
neighborhood park for a half-mile walk to celebrate!
She is truly the perfect addition to our family! She still has her charming little "bugle call"
announcing to the world that she is coming outside whether it is a 5:00 a.m. Potty stop or a
mid-day trip out to explore the back yard! I couldn't love her more! Many thanks.



We sure love this little guy! He is growing and getting furrier by the day.
Lillis Boyer


Thanks so much Cindy for sharing this darling picture of Pippa - she is turning out as beautifully as we had both hoped!


Tyler is doing great! He makes almost no mistakes in potty training and he gets along with the cat very well! Even better than my other dog.


Lola is amazing! Such a good girl. We all love her so much!!
Kim Shields

Frankie & Turbo

Our little guys are doing just well. They love playing about all day long inside and out. They are doing what we wanted. We smile so much since we got them. Feels good to smile again. Frankie has turned out to be a loving little guy. He listens very well. Turbo is also house trained and loves Frankie so much. Thank you again for Turbo. We love him so very much.
Ilene Shoemaker


Fashionista by Monarch, Style (formerly Bridget) competed at her first conformation shows on October 1st, 2nd, & 4th. On Friday, the 2nd there was a 3-point major entry and Style got Reserve. Not bad for only six months and five days old! I have attached a photo of Style with her first ribbons. Yesterday, Style and Chanel appeared with me on a local morning show. We were there to discuss our UKC show which is this coming weekend


Thought you might be interested in a picture of Ivy. She has grown up to be a pretty girl! She still loves to play like a little puppy.
Dennis Mann


Thank you so much for our darling girl, Ellie. She has grown into such a beautiful dog with a wonderful temperament. People are amazed at how sweet and calm she is, especially for a small dog. She rarely barks (and never without good reason), and was extremely easy to train. Ellie's also very healthy. We've had no problems at all with her. All of this is a testament to what a good job you did. I'll never get a puppy from anyone else! Thanks again!
Cynthia Rigsby


Here is the latest pic of our Sammy! He is a joy and exactly what Margie explained! He is very playful and terribly ornery ! Which shows what a healthy little guy he is!!!!! We love him to pieces! And house training doing real good now!!!! I couldn't be happier!!!!!
Annie Stepp


I am so excited! I might see how I can speed this up and get Diamond here sooner. I am renaming her Che Che after my best friend of 40 yrs, who passed away last year. You too feel like an old friend, you have healed my heart several time over the years with your beautiful dogs. Here's our girl. Isn't she beautiful!!!


We purchased a beautiful puppy from you in Dec. 2011. Jack has been a wonderful addition to our home and matured into all a papillon should be. Our kids have enjoyed showing him in rally, agility, obedience, conformation and showmanship classes and have been very competitive with him. He is also a best friend and playmate for my girls.
Christine Bullinger


I love looking at beautiful dogs and puppies so there I was at Monarch's web site. There was this adorable little black and white face just calling my name. I had to call just to tell her how adorable he was. Margie took time to talk to me, asking many questions. And yes, I know for a fact she does check your references. Ace was shipped to me taking every precaution for his safety and comfort. Dealing with Delta was a great, they were prompt and caring. As soon as I held him I realized he loved being held and rocked, he came prespoiled. Ace is a healthy, happy boy, full of energy and always ready to go. He is growing into a lovely young dog. I have called or emailed Margie for advice and she has always returned my calls or messages promptly. She has been very caring and encouraging to me and she has remained polite after receiving a million pictures of this boy. Lol. Ace may be my first Monarch dog but I hope he won't be my last. Please keep me in mind for a lovely tri male. Thank you Margie for trusting me with Monarch's Ace of Hearts.

Brady's Bunch

My name is Holly Earhart and my family purchased Brady, a papillon puppy from you in January. He has been such a joy and blessing for our family. He has fit in with our family wonderfully. We are considering getting another puppy. Brady seems to enjoy playing with other dogs and we though it would be nice to get a companion for him, especially once school gets back into session and we aren't home all day. We had considered two when we got Brady but it was too much all at once. We looked at your website and saw Turbo who is adorable. You did such a wonderful job matching Brady with us and I was hoping you would be able to help match us with another puppy who would fit our crazy family of 3 little girls and Brady. I wasn't sure what all you had available.
Layla, Elizabeth, Kiersten, Brady and Holly


Just thought I'd give you an update on my little man. He is doing fantastic however I'm 'm stuck in the hospital and have been since Wednesday night so I'm having to watch my boy being taken care of by his daddy. I had some difficculty with my Diabetes so here I am, laid up. We have FaceTime phones so my husband hooks up with me so I can see Chester in action with his silly playing antics and doing zoomies as he's doing it. I miss him so stinking much. Oh well, I hope to be home by the end of this upcoming week and we'll be together again. Anyway, he's home with his daddy and is very happy and healthy. He's a mister prissy pants though, lol. Take care,

GCH UALCH UCD URO1 Monarch's Perfume & Promises CD BN GN RN CGC, RL1, Can. CD RN

I have decided that I would like to get another one of your beautiful Papillons. Would you please add me to your waiting list. I am interested in getting another show quality female. I prefer the white & black or the white, black & brown coloring. I also plan on obedience training this dog, as well, so I need one that gives a lot of eye contact. I'm not in a really big hurry, but I wanted to let you know so you would be looking for a good one for me.
I can't believe that my Chanel is already seven years old. I had so much fun showing her to her Grand Championship! After I had her spayed, I then showed her to her UKC altered championship. She has won several UKC Altered Best in Shows. I've attached a photo showing one of her wins. We continue to work on her obedience. However, she likes to practice more than she likes to show. She's quite the little diva. We did travel up to Canada and she got her Canadian CD and RN titles.
Norine Nieman


Cameo is just as you described and exactly what I wanted. She has a great disposition and is fearless. I have included a current picture of her. She just continues to get more beautiful...
Thanks for such a wonderful puppy!!

Dixie Bell

We just wanted to email and tell you how much we love our little papillon Dixie Bell. She has become our 9 year old daughter's best pal. I have never seen a dog bond so intensely with a kid and yet she still loves everyone in the family. So far our daughter has taught her to come, sit, lay down, give paw, under (as in go under a doll table), to go through a hoop, and to ring a bell to go outside! They are working on fetch, weave, roll over, and spin. Dixie is so smart and picks things up fast! I think she would do anything that Rynn asks:). Thank you for giving our daughter such a wonderful companion and friend. She is a little treasure and the perfect addition to our family! Dixie is perfectly content as long as she is with her family whether we are sitting reading a book, snuggling on the couch for a movie, running around outside with the kids or going on a hike. We just adore her!
The Radosevich Family
Flagstaff, AZ


I am a dog trainer and was looking for a small, young dog (but not a puppy) to train. With a simple email describing what I was looking for, Margie matched me with the perfect dog! Ricco's in perfect health. He has a solid disposition. He wants to learn. He is bright, well-socialized and sweet-natured.

I have to say, I have always had bigger dogs so owning a 5 lb dog is new territory for me. Ricco has quickly converted me to a small dog enthusiast. I am so excited about our future. We have a training certification class to take this summer and I am thrilled to have this little dog as my training partner.

Thank you Margie for this amazing dog! I have already started recommending you to people that ask me about Papillons.
Mary Hager


Here is Tazr's first Show Picture. He is such a good little dog. Love, love him.


This is Sasha. I wanted to share with you an adorable picture my husband took of Loki and Ace. Loki is the most amazing puppy. I love him to death. He is a quick learner and is my spoiled baby. He might be small but he has energy to match Ace and has warmed all of our hearts. More updates to come as he gets bigger! He had a trip to the vet yesterday. He weighs about 2lbs now. And is developing a beautiful color. He goes almost everywhere with me and gets a lot of attention. When he turns one he will start training to become a therapy dog so he is getting a lot of socialization. I bought him his own little kennel and has taken to it very well. He has his own special blanket in there plus some toys. I call it a special blanket because like any other child they always have the one blanket they like. And he whines when it has to be washed. Its the cutest thing ever in my book. Ace is also in love with him. He loves playing with him and he is very protective over him. They have become the best of friends. Well that's about it for now. I will send more updates in the near future.


Im so happy with the new puppy. We named her Mía. Shes as sweet as you said and has help me a lot with my sadness. She settle right at home. As a matter of fact she mentioned how nice and warm the Caribbean weather feels!! :))


Ace is growing into a lovely boy. He's up to 5 lbs. And almost 9 inches. He is full of energy, so much in fact, that everyone cheered when I put him to bed the other night. Thank you so much for this boy.


Just thought I'd let you know that Parker is coming along nicely. He has that sweet temperament, and care giver personality. I still have a crying bout now and again about Cash, and Parker climbs up in my lap and smothers me with kisses.
He has the most adorable way of greeting anyone coming in the room, especially my daughter. He whips his tall around, his rear curves to the side, and he does this soft, play grrrowow. We traveled up to MN a week ago to see my sister who has cancer. He traveled well in the car and was quiet in the motel.
Hope you are enjoying the holiday season with all your family. Must be quite an event. Take care,

Kanassa & Elle

This is too cute not to share. It looks staged but we found them sitting on the landing like this. Can you tell how handsome Kanassa is?


Petey is doing very well. He is a great little dog and my family loves him. He is healthy and beautiful too. We always take him with us when we go on family vacations. He just brings us so much joy!
Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday season


Margie, he has been good medicine for my mom!! She called him Jingles...because he was her Christmas Gift from my Dad. Its hard to tell who has who wrapped around his paws!! Lol...Thanks so much again...have a blessed Thanksgiving....Susan

Shadyhill's Man of Destiny

I want to thank you Margie for offering this very outstanding little guy when I was in the lowest ebb of my life. My treasured Chance was brutally killed by a large dog and I could not come out of the grief. I called and you told me you had just the answer to my problem. I went to see for myself and came home with another brilliant and perfect six month old puppy whom I AKC named Shadyhill's Man of Destiny. I called him this because he was to fulfill the destiny of my beloved Chance. This little beauty is all I could have hoped for, happy, active, entertaining, very lovable, and a perfect fit in my life


I wanted to touch base. Kelson named his new puppy, Boomer. He is so excited and doing such a great job taking care of him!
I hope all is well with you. Thank you!

The girls are great! We kept Savvy's name the same but Diamond we call her Sky (she jumps like she can reach the sky). I have attached some pictures of all three of the dogs (Jett Savvy and Sky). Car rides and playing dress up are some of the favorite things to do. Each of them are so much more then we even expected.
Thank you for such wonderful additions to our family.
Kim Mario and family


In Paris!! Best dog I ever had!! Ever!!
Captured by a photographer on the streets of manhattan -
what a beauty and what a doll. Thanks Margie!


I got Garth/now NICO when he was 8 mo. old Today he turns 2 years old and just took quick photos of him thought you might enjoy seeing. He is getting such a beautiful coat..and is a precious little fellow...but his loving personality is best of all. He follows me everywhere and is always by my side (unless he is getting into something like kleenex, paper ,sunglassess off the end table by the couch etc.etc.! or playing with his big buddy our golden retreiver.
Jenelle Johnson
Deland FL

Tory & Hope

My 14 year old daughter received her Papillion puppy as a birthday present from her Grandpa. She absolutely loves her and the fact that she can carry her around everywhere. Thanks Margie for breeding not only a beautiful puppy, but a healthy and playful one as well!
Linda De Shazer
Houston, TX


Good afternoon Margie,
Hope all is well! It has been about 13 years since we have spoken. Liza was flown to us in South Florida when she was 7 months old. I was only about 6 or 7 at the time. Liza is the best dog I have ever met in my life and she has been with me every step of the way. She's even joined me here at the University of Florida! My lifelong friendship with Liza was what inspired me to pursue a career in Veterinary Medicine. I decided I should personally reach out to you and send you some pictures of Liza (the light of my life) since it was thanks to you guys that I was able to find such a great friend.
I want to thank you so much again for bringing someone (yes! I'm a believer that dogs are people too!) so special into my life. I will never be fully able to express my gratitude.
Maria Moriyon


I thought you would enjoy seeing a current picture of Crispin (was Deuce). He spent a few days watching agility at PCA Nationals in Ohio last weekend & had to bark at the dozens of papillons he saw at the hotel. Little Brie on your website is adorable, too bad I am not looking for a new puppy at this moment. Have a wonderful day!


Dear Margie,
I wanted to send you a picture of my beloved Radar a.k.a Ditto. He is such a complete joy I cannot begin to tell you what happiness he has brought me. I absolutely adore my little guy. He is so precious and what a personality!!! He actually talks to us Margie! He will sit there and make sounds like he’s talking to us in response to us talking to him. He’s playful and full of energy. I take him with me everywhere and he is always the center of attention. They know him personally at Pets Mart and greet him when he comes in. He’s currently in basic behavior training and he’s doing beautifully. I’m such the proud mama when I go for my meetings with the trainers and they show me what he’s learned. He sits and stays, walks properly on a leash, goes to his “place” (a big karunda bed) and stays until released, and he lays down from a sitting position. EVERYONE at the Pet Lodge is in love with him. I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for letting me become Radar’s human mommy. I’m looking forward to a long and happy life with my precious pap!
Leigh Easter


Hi Margie,
We cannot tell you how much we love this little guy. He's smart, funny, clean, calm and bounds with energy and curiosity. I do not believe it's possible to find a better breeder to deal with. You answered all questions and supplied many pictures. Made the whole process smooth and easy. Quinn (Stanley) adapted immediately. He uses the pet door and in 6 days has had only a few mistakes. We can tell he has been handled a lot and is not a "kennel puppy". We will furnish pictures of him progressing. Such a little dear.
Thank you so much, Dottie & Ed, Clearwater, FL.

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