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At Nova Puppies we strive to match new owners and puppies together. Below are a few letters from our many satisfied extended families.


Hi Margie,
Just a quick note to let you know Dash is an awesome puppy. He and Ben are great friends and play constantly. Dash is a huge hit wherever we go. He seems to love everyone!
We took these pictures this morning....he just keeps getting cuter.
Thanks again. Paula and Gus
Gus and I wanted to send you a few pictures of Dash! His first birthday just went by and we have so enjoyed him. He is a gentle, funny, happy, guy. He never met a person he couldn't charm or a toy he didn't love. He and Ben are great buddies and spent the summer chasing frisbees in the backyard.
The pictures don't really do him justice, but he is a very pretty little dog and his coat is wonderful. People start petting him and can't seem to stop.


Hi Margie,
Olaf is doing excellent! We love him so much! He is loving his new friend Elsa (Frozen movie, girlfriend) Thank you so much for this wonderful little guy. He was so worth the wait:)

Hi Aunt Margie,
Well we have had our little sweetie pie for almost a year now and we just want you to know how VERY much we love her!!! She is so precious and sweet. Thank you ever so much for her!!
Love, Joe and Emily

Hi! Enclosed are a couple of pictures from my first birthday which was today. I am a very happy and active one-year old. I am currently enrolled in both my novice obedience class, but also in Wag-It games. I have a blast at Wag-It ‘cause I love doing game stuff.

Hi again, Margie,
I have meant to reach out to you for months. Henry (aka “Sid”) is the most amazing puppy and my best buddy. What a character! He is absolutely lovable, adorable and hysterical all at the same time. Everyone who meets him is suckered into his fan club.
By the way, he definitely lives in the lap of luxury. I often take him with me on the train and in the car, even to the office in San Francisco some days. Here he is all gorgeous in his carrier.
I wish you a very lovely Thanksgiving holiday – I’m sure you will have a BIG family gathering to look forward to

Am amazing dog!! Sweetest girl ever, bright, affectionate a continuous delight and more. I am officially in love with her!!

Thank you!
Susan Holland

Rau, said like Roo, is just a little pistol. She has stolen everyone's hearts. She comes to work with me everyday. Many people stop by to just see her. She is super smart and picks up tricks with ease. She is best friends with my 120lb Bernese Mountain Dog, Ren. When Rau isn't my shadow, she is sleeping with Ren. Her sweet nature has even won over my mom's grumpy old man of a Papillon. When he thinks we aren't looking, we can find him playing with her or sleeping with her. One of her funny habit is that when we are going to my parents' house, she will begin to cry/whine blocks away. She also does this when we turn on the lane to our cabin. I really love how she has never met a stranger. While out at the Farmer's Market she is always happy to meet anyone. She is also fearless and confident. This spring she launched herself into the lake! Little did she know that the water was super cold. We ended up buying her a super cute pink polka dot life jacket. I really can't imagine my life without her. Thank you for sharing her with me!


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Tiki (Pandie) is doing so good. We love her so much and are having so
much fun with her. I want you to know she is happy and spoiled and
loved more than you can imagine, or, maybe you can!


Hi Margie! Yesterday we took a boat ride and fished a little. Ace even tried floating! What a trooper he is. He's so calm. Same as Tony was. It's like he says, "okay, if you're in the water, I guess I'll go, too.
I'm keeping Ace as his name, it suits him better than any of the other names we've been trying out.
Today Ace is going downtown to my art studio with me. Randy (my husband) says I don't have to worry about bonding since Ace sleeps under my chin and likes to have his back or a paw on me when he sleeps.

I'm thrilled with my beautify Dylan . He is now well settled and seems like I have had him forever. I would like him to be called Algos Mighty Titus Heir of Monarch. It was a nineteen hour journey to get him, but oh boy he was worth it!

cora cora


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We love our handsome boy! He makes fast friends of everyone, people and animal! He is a very smart and loving boy! Thank you!
Beth and Family

Just wanted to send you a recent picture of the girls. They are the light of my life! Marley will be seven this year and Pippa will be two. I cannot thank you enough for bringing these two angels into my life! I don't know what I would do without them. The love I have for my girls is indescribable ! They truly are my heart! Thank you Margie:)
Shelley Schenker
New Orleans, Louisiana

Crusoe's doing really good. He's in his crate at bedtime and when we have to leave for a while. We took him to Petsmart and our grandson's baseball game, getting him socialized more. He does not jump up on our lap but he'll let you pick him up or put on a leash (which I might add he does not think he needs). Cute personality and does not bark (I can't figure that one out yet). Our youngest daughter just thinks he's the cutest, and she has a dog, cat, husband and 3 kids. She has offered to dog sit if we need it.
Again thanks for Crusoe. You matched us well.

Milee Milee



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Here is Jett at 9 mos. He's is a great dog. We occasionally give him the nick name "little monster". He is so smart...he will go into our 4 yr olds room, open her doll dress up drawer, and pull out a new chew toy, or at least makes it a new chew toy. Kids love him, he loves the kids, and my wife likes him too...just a little. lol. I can send more pictures if you like.

Here is a picture of Chauncey. He is 6 months old and weighs 11 lbs. I have no doubt he is show quality. He has beautiful markings and his confirmation looks great. His tail set looks good. The vet said his patella felt fine and his heart sounded good. He has a wonderful personality-very outgoing. Everyone says his markings are beautiful. We just love him to pieces. We have decided we did not want to get into showing. We just want to keep him as a pet. My husband will be 85 this month and showing takes a lot of work and I decided I did not want to get in it again. I know I could finish him if I wanted to.
He is housebroken and very smart. we will not hesitate to recommend you and would get a puppy from you again. I think Winston is a fantastic dog and produces very nice puppies.
Here is Chauncey at 9 months. He is gorgeous. People think he is really good looking. They rave and rave over him. He is smart and has a very good personality. I did not have him neutered yet. My vet tried to talk me into it but I told her I would after he is a year old. I am starting obedience classes with him this Saturday. He will do well because he wants to please me. He has a beautiful face and his eyes are also very beautiful and expressive.Thank you again. He is the perfect cavalier. We love him dearly.

Dilly is happy as can be! she is running around, investigating, playing with her two 90-lb brothers! She is perfect. I really can't thank you enough!



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Lily (Amanda) is now 5 months old. She is the light of our life. She is very entertaining. She loves her squeaky toys and plays tug of war with us. She is so pretty! I can't wait to see her with her full coat. Thank you Titus and Toni.
Thank you, Margie
Terri Ontario, CA

Heres a photo of Dillon as promised. Hes not the easist to photograph, hard to catch him at a stand still. Dillon is a real If only I had half his What a wimp though, Margie, are any of your dog toys missing a squeaker...? If so, I think Dillon swallowed Thanks so much for sending him to me!!! He fits in just perfect around here!!!
Wishing you only the best thru this new year......Dianne


Hello Margie!
What a wonderful little guy Sonoma is! He's sweet and playful and easy and smart as anything. He was crate trained in one day and has been perfect with the house-training as well. Only one accident on day 1, and on schedule ever since!

We take Sonoma everywhere with us, and he is as friendly, curious and mellow as can be, even in new situations. Everyone says he is the cutest thing they've ever seen; I tell everyone that he's just as good as he is cute. I've had dogs my whole life, and I've never had a puppy as easy and affectionate as this one. This is Dan's first dog, and he is amazed at how much fun this is. He is completely smitten with the puppy, who follows him everywhere and gazes at him with pure love.

Thank you so much for this wonderful dog who has already brought us so much joy, and Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family.

Best regards,
Kai Thompson Hernandez

Hello Margie!
I hope this letter finds you well and enjoying the holidays. Sorry it was so long between letters. Chanel is doing so well with KoKo. They play hard together and sleep together as well with us. She is a total joy to be with. her quirkiness makes us laugh. We are so blessed to have Chanel in our family. Thanks again for being such a wonderful and responsible breeder. I love looking at your website and browse all the relatives letters. Koko loves to drag Chanel around the wood floor by her tail! Thank you so very much for this litlle darling.
Sam, Linda and Anthony.

Monarchs' the X Factor at Streetsmartz ( Kelvin) just under 15 mos, has been shown sparingly in Southern California got two majors in one weekend.Thanks Margie for this wonderful boy out of your champion Sandels Monarch's Benjamin. He has a great start toward his championship.Looking forward to a great show career.
Matt Gregory Los Angeles Ca.

Rosie has taken over our house and our hearts. We drove to Kansas to pick her up and she rode on Linda's lap the entire way home. She is without a doubt the sweetest puppy we have ever owned. She is our fourth Papillion and unlike some we have owned she is great with people and sweet with everyone she meets. Dealing with Margie was a pleasure and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a puppy.
Mike and Linda Lafayette, La.

Hi Margie,
We did get the papers, thank you. We call him "jett" . He is great!, the wife loves him, and he loves the kids, fast, smart....almost Potty trained. Thank you

Hi Margie,
Lady Bug... currently and finally Etienne... is just a doll!
She is whip smart and has quickly learned all about stairs, elevators, her new name, correct potty procedures, how to own all the dog toys and getting along with her new pack... while stealing their toys :-) She came crate-trained and used to going on pee-pads, or in other words, "you-can-go-on-any-rectangle-on-the-floor" trained :-) Within a few days, she learned to use the grass pads on the balconies and the patio ground cover outside on the first floor and left the various throw-rugs and mats alone.
She is almost 5.5 lbs., which is fine. Having a 4 lb Yorkie, I knew that she wasn't that tiny in the video and photos that my sister took, so this wasn't a surprise. She's 10 months old and basically done growing, so she's a nice size.
Etienne and I are already taking an obedience class and she was the star student the first day! Thanks so much for producing such a sweet little dog. Here's a photo of her playing on our bed. I hope that Mitey is happy and doing well in his new home also!

Hi Margie,
This is Rosie Grimm. I just wanted to say hi and send some shots of Pippin. He's doing very well. We all love him and he is a pleasure to have around. He lies down on anything soft, so he enjoys my quilting. I just signed him up for an agility class, which I think he'll be good at, based on the amount of time he spends leaping around the house. :) Thank you so much for him. God bless!
Rosie Grimm

Hi Margie,
I finally got the picture of " Valentino by Monarch "'s 1st dog show ever. I entered him in the International All Breed Canine Association's 4 show trial 7/7/12 - 7/8/12 in the puppy class. I am proud to tell you how well he showed. All 4 judges gave him top ratings and placed him in group. They commented on his great movement, his overall balance and his winning personality. He went on to place 1st in the 4th show's Group, then ended up winning best in show, winning over more seasoned dogs and handlers. I plan on showing him in one more puppy class then look forward to moving on to the regular show ring in both AKC and UKC.
Thank you so much for entrusting me with such a wonderful little guy.....


Not only did he take BOB and a Group 1, this time he got " Best In Show " ..... It reads: " Best in Multi Breed Show "....
The judge did mention when we took breed he wasn't in coat, but overall he had great movement. Then in group, I just figured he liked him for bred that was following through... But BIS - WOW..... He said when we posed for a picture that he would love to see him in the ring in his full coat, he moves super and he is a movement judge. Very very nice dog, he was so surprised he was only just over 7 months old....
He does stand out when he moves.... We beat 4 Class dogs and 2 Grands... in BIS I know 3 have we went against have won BIS before.... I was shocked, but so so pleased..... He did win at the Puppy International Show as well, but this is a bigger venue and quite a few more dogs. He seems to know when to work it.....
I can't wait to get him into his 1st AKC show...
Carol & Valentino by Monarch


Conformation went as we hoped it would.... Tino was shown by 3 Jr. handlers and Faith took " Best Jr. Handler " in the 2nd show.... WTG Faith.... Bella took the " Champion " class in both trials earning her 3rd " Total Dog "...... I decided to show Tino and I am so happy I did. He took Class both times, Best Male both times, Best of Winners both times, then in show 2 he also won " Best of Breed " and went on to take a 1st Place in group... My friend showed him in BIS because they were waiting for us in Agility and he was a bit off for her..... I am so so proud of his super working attitude in the breed ring.... I can't wait to try AKC....
He won over 3 females, 1 male, 3 Champions and 2 Grand Champions....
Ton's of Positive feedback on my new little man.....

Hi Margie,
I'm sorry it has been so long! I hope that everything has been going well with you. Ella will be 3 this summer (can you believe how fast the time flies?!) and I wanted to just give you an update and let you know that she's been doing great. I love her so much; I don't know what I'd do without her--I told my mom she's the best gift in the world. I've attached some pics of her so you can see how beautiful she is. It's crazy how she stayed so tiny, but I think it makes her that much more adorable. :) She's certainly a giant bundle of energy--I couldn't find many pics of her playing because she moves so fast! Our token nicknames for her are "stinker", "bubba girl", "ella monster", and "diva", haha. And not to worry, she's been taken great care of and is debatably spoiled rotten, haha. She gets a daily "Greenie" and LOVES going for walks and playing with her soft squeaky toys--I can't help but spoil her with new toys :) I'm so happy her favorite game is fetch. Not only because it is super fun to play with her but also because it works out so well for when it gets so cold here she can't go outside because the ground is too freezing. Anyway, I hope all is going well; I can't wait to be done with school so I can get Ella a playmate :) Ace and Lucy are also doing great with my mom and stepdad---they are both spoiled and loved as well. Take care!

Hi Margie, back in 2003 I adopted Trevor from you, and renamed him Tinker.
I have to say that I have never truly had a broken heart till now. On May 30, a freak accident, chandelier fell from ceiling and Tinker was laying under where it fell, and injured Tinker to the point that I was forced to have him put to sleep.

I wanted to thank you for giving me almost 9 years with the best dog I have ever had. I am going to miss him sleeping on the pillow behind my head every night since he came home and miss him giving me high fives. (he really knew how to high five). It has been five days and I still can't stop crying.

I am including some pictures of him from puppy to recently. Thank you again and I am so sorry to have to share this sad news.
Lisa Ferrell-Karides

Hi Margie,
My little Pippa with be five months old next week. She is absolutely adorable. She and Marley are best buds... Thanks so much for my new addition to my family.

She's an Angel (most of the time) I will send more pictures soon of Marley and Pippa together.
Shelley Schenker - New Orleans, La.

Hi Margie,
Sending a few pics of the boys! They are growing up beautifully!! Such characters!Just realized recently how similar their blazes look. Will be starting their show careers this Spring. Can't wait! Thanks again for these two! They really brighten our days!
Tina, Maxx and Bravo


Hi Margie,
Yes, a couple of more pictures would be nice, especially the close up of his beautiful sweet face, but I will leave these decisions up to you, it is wonderful that you have included him. Even more important I really think it would be nice to prepare anyone viewing this site that this is a good bye scenario when they open up the poem.
I really enjoy reading your extended family page, all the love and happiness your little loves have given to so many families. I want people to know what a wonderful blessing Zebee was to me in longevity, good health, wonderful disposition, and a loving companion, much of which I would attribute to your good breeding practices and the loving attention you provide in those first couple of months before they go to their new homes, when I’m ready I will get my next pup from you. I was never blessed with children and I had Zebedee in my life for almost 17 years (now that is a blessing isn’t it). I would never hesitate buying a pup long distance from you as I did with Zeb. He was the perfect match for my life style and we shared every day, through the good and bad times we weathered these years together, he was always a constant in my world with love and loyalty beyond words. I truly hope that this poem will give comfort to some of your ‘puppies’ moms and dads when that very sad day of good-bye arrives. Also, Margie thank you for your kindness and encouragement after my loss of Zebedee, just another one of the many wonderful characteristics.
you are blessed with.
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We named her Bindi Cheyenne and here's our testimony:
The picture attached is of Bindi catching a nap between houses on Christmas Day. She's so lovable!
Bindi has won the hearts of everyone in the house and has gotten our "2 old men" moving again! (We have 2 seven year old paps). She is frisky and healthy and keeps us in stitches. Both times we have been at the vet for puppy checkups everyone in the office has to come see her because she is so cute. :-) We couldn't thank you enough for allowing her to become a part of our family. Happy New Year Margie!
Angie Waldauer


Hi Margie,
Here is a picture of Cody (Sawyer) with our other Cavalier from you, Bailey. Bailey is 4 yrs old now.
Like I said in a previous email, they get along wonderfully and we LOVE Cody. Cody and Bailey play all day together and fall asleep side by side. They bonded immediately.
Thank you for our 3 puppies over all these years.
I looked at your website and you have more beautiful pups available. Just gorgeous.
Happy New Year,
Lisa Zink
Lawrence, KS

winston winston


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Just wanted to share with you Chris's first win. I'm so proud of him.
Spicy also took Reserve.

Bo Bo


These two darlings are owned, loved and enjoyed by Catherine Toms
of Manchester, MD.

max max



Hi Margie,
Just want you to know again how much I appreciate the opportunity to have another of Titus and Ellie's babies. I was so hesitant but you were right.....he has brought so much joy back into our home in only 2 short days!! Maxx is more than I could have hoped for in another puppy! All of the things and traits that I loved about Marq, Maxx has and does and more!! He is so smart and sweet and loveable! Not quite as independent as Marq yet..... he likes to cuddle a bit more ;-) Anyway, just wanted you to know how wonderful he is and how very much I appreciate you! If ever a prospective buyer wants or needs reassurance that you are the real deal, please give them my number. I would be more than happy to tell them how special that I feel you and your family and your puppies are!!! Attaching a picture of him lying across my chest relaxing in the recliner last evening.
Will get you some good ones for your website soon.
God Bless you and your family

Bo Bo



Hi Margie,
We have FINALLY decided that Bunnie's name will officially be GELLI BEAN :) Gelli for short :) u see i have a tattoo of my families initials RG on my wrist & I wanted her to have a G name since Rocko has a R name..But Gelli is definatelly more unique & fitting for her small size :) Im so delighted with her! She sleeps around my neck every night....she is so bright! She is doing great with potty training :) I get compliments on her everywhere I go :) She is so distintively different than a chihuahua that ppl are always asking me what kind of dog is that & she is so beautiful ! I will proudly say I got her from a great breeder ! She is a perfect fit for me ! Its a blessing to have her! My life has changed already! I am so happy with my Gelli :) I have everything I ever wanted in this breed I! She is what I always wanted in a Papillon & I have you to thank :)

Hi margie :) just wanted 2 update u on my baby girl Gelli,she is doing so well ! She is our twinkle of our eyes..she brings us joy everyday,a true blessing in our lives..thank u for giving her a great start in life,shes the best little dog we have ever owned ! She sleeps with us every night...she is my her to peices..wanted 2 wish u and ur family a merry christmas and a blessed new year :) love,keisha and Gelli :) xoxo

Bo Bo

Bo Bo



Hi Margie,
I want to thank you for sharing such a beautiful puppy with me. Monarch's Lo and Behold ( "Bo") has been a great addition to our family. He has stolen the heart of everyone who meets him. He has a wonderful, friendly and confident temperament. My show dogs are also my house companions, and Bo certainly fits into both those roles. I fell in love with Bo's beautiful face that hot August day and now at 7 months of age, it can still make me melt. I will keep you posted on how Bo is doing when he starts in the show ring. Thanks again for sharing one of your special boys. We plan to make you very proud.
Bo just came back from some shows and he looked so pretty, I snapped some pictures today. He picked up 2 more points so we are up to 11. Slow but sure!! Just wanted to share.


"Mason and Misha"

Mason and Misha are the best of friends and the biggest competitors. Chasing, tugging and growling at each other until they drop.

Thanks! Charlotte

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Just a little update on Marq. He turns 5 mo today. Picture taken yesterday while we were out doing errands. He is blowing puppy coat like crazy and loosing his puppy teeth. Can't wait till coat comes back. He is going to be beautiful!!

Oh, and as you can see, his ear is standing fine just like you said it would! and he is a great little eater and in perfect weight!!

Just an update on Marq! I absolutely love him! He is soooo cute and smart and brave!! He follows me up and down my basement steps! 15 wooden steps with no carpet on them! He is just what I was hoping for! Cute, smart, outgoing, loving, sound in mind and body! And he moves like a seasoned special!!! Absolutely floats! So clean coming and going and his side gait is just AWESOME!! WOW......I cannot say enough! And very time he comes to a stop it is as though someone stacked him!

Thank you so much!


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Rio at 1 yr. old.

Here is the picture of me and my new boy "RIO". His pictures showed me much promise only to be outdone by reality when I picked him up. The traits that pictures can't show such as temperament, personality, movement, and health were all excellent just as you assured me they were.


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Today is Vido's first birthday, Happy Birthday, Vido!

Scott Markus
San Diego, CA

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"Sampson, Delilah 2, & Suri"

I saw Tate on your website, is he still available? I'm sending you a picture of our 3 sitting on a picnic table in Rocky Mtn Nat'l Park, CO from last Memorial Day. The other picture is Delilah 2 with her head out the window as we drive in the mountains. I was holding her very secure so no chance of jumping out.

Sampson, Delilah 2, & Suri are doing great. They are so much fun, they love to travel and go camping.

Jodi (Ludwig) Sinker


"Megan with pups"

Just wanted to let you know the puppies are doing great. They are
growing so fast. We love them and are having so much fun. We've
decided to change Dolly's name to Spicy. She's quite a character.
Here's a picture of my daughter Megan, with the puppies. Take care




I wanted to send you a photo of Bandit, I got him from you 9 years
ago at the time his name was Victor. He is so beautiful and we love
him very much. He is completely spoiled and deserves to be! He is
extremely bright and understands everything. He travels with us
everywhere. He is the light of our life, our child

Thank you so much, he has saved my life many times.

Nicole Grey

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Our beautiful girl says, "Happy Halloween!" She's doing great.
Thanks again! Cynthia J. Franecki

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Hi Margie,
Just wanted to say hello. Marley will be 4 on April 9th. Thanks again for such a wonderful little girl. I can't imagine life without her!!!
Shelley Schenker

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Hi Margie,
We just wanted to send you a photo or two of the lovely Cavaliers, with whom you and your family have blessed us!
Lily, our newest, (a jubilant Blenheim) is such a dream! We have all been happily engaged in watching her blossom, as all your puppies do! She, and her homemates have been SO happy to have yet another Cavalier from your marvelous dedication to them and their pals!
All are happy, well, and such wonderful companions!
Thank you again,

Bill and Susan from Lincoln

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Hi Margie,
I don't know if you remember me or not I have Lexie who is 11 yrs old and was a Raider baby. She is the light of my life and is the best dog ever. I also have Louie whose sire is Moe. Louie is 9 yrs old. They are both terrifice dogs. And have been healthy and happy all this time.

Lori Shelton

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Thank you for meeting us. You have a delightful family and a beautiful home! Loved your details in the kitchen and wall was a great idea! Thank-you for Bacci too! Riley, myself and Troy are loving him a lot! He is a positive influence for us all!

The health check-up went great!! She said he looked really great! The vet had to walk him around the clinic for a bit as he was so incredibly cute! She was quite taken with him! She listened to his heart and she had a big smile and said Nice!!! His knees were great, eyes, everything looked great! Have a great day and I will talk to you later!

Thank you very much for all your kindness!



Lovey’s spaying went very well and she’s all recovered. The photo of her was taken at 6 months. She weighs just over 7 lbs. and is all legs—still very pretty with EARS! She remains a handful, but I’ve become much more aggressive & am pleased that it’s working. She is wonderfully bright, loves us and anyone else who crosses her path and is almost perfect. Thank you again for this great puppy that we love dearly.
Best, Yvonne



She is fitting in nicely. Rusty is in loooooooooovvvvvvve already. My gosh she has great movement. She did great on the trip. I was dozing off and looked down and she had her head poked out of the carrier. She was so cute. I did zip it up entirely so she didn't try to get out. Her and Rusty look like two peas in a pod - with one black and white and one sable and white. They could almost do a brace if they were the same color. They are beautiful together. She is already eating and doesn't seem to have any adjustment problems. All the other"children" have accepted her.
Margie, thank you. Pat



Thank you so much for her, and thanks to your lovely family for bringing her to Minnesota. She's such a fantastic addition to our family!

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My daughter is so happy with Abby. She is very playful and really cute!! We will enoy her so much :)
The Hatton's



Thank you so much for my little man he is the love of my life and what a life saver too he is always here for me so loving a man I will never fine. We play and I call him "Marco....Polo, Marco, Polo he loves it!



Bella is such a joy! From the first day she arrived she was loving, playful, affectionate (sleeps across my neck at night). Even though she is on the smaller side she holds her own here. When she gets a bone she hides behind the big screen because none of the others can fit to get it from her. She learned how to go potty outside pretty quickly too. She is just what I was looking for, she is getting more beautiful every day. Thanks Margie for breeding such a wonderful quality puppy!

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Hi Margie,
Just wanted to send you a short note to let you know that Piper has earned her Therapy Dog certificate and is now visiting the hospital. I am very proud of her because she is the youngest member on the 40 dog/handler team. She is also the smallest weighting in at 4 lbs. The patients have big smiles on their faces when we walk in the room. What a great job this sweet little girl does. My problem still remains that everyone wants to steal her. She is microchipped so she is mine forever. I can't possible say this enough, "I love this precious little gift".
I pray that your family is doing well and happy.
Jeanne Agatucci and Piper

Margie, you are a magician. With your expertise in breeding the best to the best, you have waved your magic wand and puff....Piper (Mimi), my most perfect puppy. If you could clone her for me it would be great because my two daughters and my daughter-in-law all want to steal her from me. This sweet little dog has captured all my family's hearts with her friendly personality, playfullnes, loving ways and the cutest little face. And smart, oh my. I have had her for 3 short months and already she knows 9 tricks. And thank your children for socializing her in the ways of "kid play". She loves it when the grandkids come over. They laugh and giggle with all her antics. You have given me the opportunity to own perfection and I couldn't possible thank you enough. If anyone out there is thinking about buying a Monarch puppy, I say a wholehearted "YES". P.S. My daugther in law just bought one of Margie's pups and loves her little Lucy and much as I love my little Piper.

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Hi Margie,
Picture of T J playing with a Westie puppy. We're off to a show next weekend and there's a match afterwards, I'd like to enter the baby . I LOVE HIM!!!!

Naples puppy show... Best Puppy!! Thank You ! The judge loved him! I'll keep you posted...... Sure is a great start, can't wait till he's old enough.

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I thought you might like to see a few pictures of Ransom playing with my son, Shad. Ransom loves Shad and vice versa. They might try doing agility in 4-H together. God Bless you and your family.

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Here are some photos of the puppies having fun in the pool! Pride has turned into quite the swimmer. She'll do about anything for her squeeky ball. It is really adorable watching her jump in and dive for the ball! Hope your having a good summer.
Rachel Sellers

Marty Marty



Carmela Giorgio

Carmela and Giorgio

Hi Margie,
Here are the show pics that I have been promising for your website and captions!
Carmela, is one of the nicest girls I have owned. She has been BOS Multiple times to BISS BIS CH Queen Bless JP Princaple Kid The #1 Papillon In The World. Judges have made comments about her being one of the nicest bitches they have seen! She is a BIS Int/Nat CH and a AKC CH. Carmela received 3 majors, 1 major was in the Toy Specialty!
Giorgio, is a very pretty boy with a sweet personality! He loves to sing with Henk! He is AKC ptd. and very close to finishing his Championship!
Thank You, Margie for letting me own both of these very lovely dogs!

Bella Bella



Hi Margie,
I thought you'd be very pleased to see how Bella (Monarch's Bella Mia) has blossomed into a beautiful butterfly. I remember that miserably hot day in August '07 when my husband and I picked her out (well...she actually picked us!) and it was love at first sight. Tom always called her his "Little One" and they were the best of buddies until he passed away two months later of complications from his bone marrow transplant to treat leukemia. Needless to say, it's been a very difficult year for me but I think that somehow Tom knew I was going to need a companion to help me through the hard times that were ahead. That's where Bella comes in - my little 4-legged comedienne who can make me smile my tears away when all else fails. I can't even begin to tell you what a joy she is. I am forever grateful to you, Margie, for blessing me with my "Little One"! Thank you, thank you, thank you...


Brandy, far left.

Heyi Margie,
Thought you might like to see Brandy and her new family. She has integrated beautifully with Sophie and Abby. She is a delight! We just adore her.



Hi Margie,
It has been a year since we purchased our pup from you, and I thought it was time to send an update. Prescott is now renamed Rocky - short for Rockefeller. At 17 months, he is almost 14 pounds, and is doing wonderfully. We are all incredibly thrilled with everything about him. We found out this spring that he LOVES the water, and he has been having a blast in our backyard pond, and seeking out puddles on our daily walks. He did very well in basic obedience training and I have decided to work with him toward his CGN.
Blessings to you and your wonderful family.
Arlene Dykstra

Jammer Jammer


Hi Margie,
We made it home fine. Long day, but worth it!! There is just nothing like hands on/eyes on for picking puppies as far as I am concerned. Jammer is doing fine and Bo loves having a playmate. I think I have another winner!
Thanks for sharing another pretty one with me.



I just gave Stetson a bath and he was such a great little boy. We drive to Carmel tomorrow and Stetson will be with us every minute. he loves the purse/carrier i bought him and jumps into it all by himself. He will be next to me in the carrier even in restaurants because he is so quiet. I love him dearly---so do the 2 English Setters and so does my husband.
We all thank you!



Hello Margie,
I took pictures of lily this morning. I thought that maybe you want to see her pictures. I have been taking a good care of her since I bought her 7 years ago.she is a very sweet dog.
Again, thank you very much.
Edward Nguyen ( Houston)

Marley Marley

Marley Marley


Hi Margie,
I just wanted to give you an update on my little girl. Marley is doing great. She is my heart. I can't thank you enough for her. She loves going on our boat in the summer and taking long walks in the park. She sleeps with me every night. I don't know what I would do without her. Thanks again for such a wonderful little girl.
Shelley Schenker - New Orleans, Louisiana

Buck Buck


Hi Margie,
Buck will be a year old in less than a month. I wanted to send you some pictures of him. He's grown to be such a beautiful little man. We've been to puppy kindergarten and we're now in agility. He absolutely loves it. He is the love of my life and has won my husband over in a big way. He and my husband take 2 mile walks in the park most every day. He goes to the groomer on Wednesday so he usually takes a break from the park that day. Everyone that meets him, falls in love with him. He loves children and toddlers, which I find odd for a small dog. The children at the park always want to pet him, so I show them how to let him smell their hands and slowly pet him. He loves to travel with us everywhere we go. Thank you so much for such a great dog. Your puppies truly are special.
Kathy Patterson



Hi Margie,
I got Portia's papers and got her registered. Her name is Monarch's Dreams Come True.I named her that because she is a dream come true to me. Of course we call her Portia.
She is so great and a natural show girl. I took her to her first conformation class last night and she was awesome. We took her to the dog shows here Saturday and Sunday and she was relaxed and playful. We just love her so much. We have her spoiled rotten and she can't be out of my sight.
Thank you so much for such a great girl.
Cynthia Fojtik

Frodo Frodo


Hi Margie,
I can tell you that Frodo has really been a joy to own. When I walk her, neighbors love to come out and see her. People in cars look out the window and a big smile comes across their face. She is so sweet, especially when asleep and on the other hand a spitfire. She loves her daily baby carrot and is a real pig when it comes to pears!! On the days in the winter when we have snow I am usually depressed which is now impossible with Frodo around. She is such a clown and constantly keeps me laughing. And yes, she too is spoiled rotten!!
Take care,



I'm sending you an updated photo of my girl. She's doing great.
thank you



Hi! This is Minnie. She is my beautiful Cavalier King Charles Spaniel; she's my little angel. I live in the Bay Area, (California), with my family and have had Minnie since she was 2 1/2 months old. She will be 3 years old on May 21st, 2005. She has brought so much joy and happiness into our lives. I highly recommend Monarch Kennel if you are interested in owning a Cavalier. They are great family - dogs and quickly become a loyal member of the family! I can't imagine not having Minnie in my life!! She is a sweetheart!! Thank you Monarch for producing such a beautiful companion for my family and I!! We appreciate it! :-)



We feel so lucky to have been able to get Sophie, she is an absolute joy to live with, so full of life and mischief and very smart. She has a lot of personality and the only thing she seems afraid of so far is the hardwood floor in the kitchen (she can't figure out yet if it is safe to walk on so she stands at the door and barks at it). We have our couches in an "L" shape in our living room and she zooms around them about 5 or 6 times before she skids to a stop to pounce on one of her toys. As you can see by the photos she is turning out to be a very pretty little dog and Julie is hoping to show her at a puppy match sometime soon.

Tristan Gizmo

Tristan and Gizmo

Gizmo is owned and treasured by Myrna Sparks of NY and is the litter mate brother to Tristan.
Margie, Tristan loves his classes . His first show are the four day labor day cluster, then two in Oct. I would like to take him to Atlanta too but don't know about making those four show which includes a toy specialty show. Glad you like him. Thank you so much for such a lovely puppy.

Ollie Ollie Ollie

Just wanted to say what a delight my little guy Ollie is as always. He has a sassy personality and is very happy and loves to play and is very good at agility. He listens well, learns quickly and is a very good boy - he is a bit mischievous at times but that gives him his spunky personality. He wakes me up with kisses every morning. Loves mostly everyone (he has become a bit selective) and is the favorite of the neighborhood. I love him so much and he is the best doggie ever! Here are some recent photos. He was a year old in January. I couldn’t be happier with him and we are a great team together. I think he is having a great life!!! He smiles a lot. He is a big boy at 9 pounds but very active and athletic.
Just thought you might like to know how he grew up and is doing in life.
Hope you are doing great in life and thanks again for a wonderful, sweet, and loving pup.
Paula Cobb & Ollie


I thought you might want some pictures of Phoebe's birthday. We sure are crazy
about her and are thinking about getting her a companion sometime soon.



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Bentley does love to go for rides so anytime we are near the car with the door open he jumps in hoping to go for a ride. He is just the greatest!


We purchased Molly (our very first Cavalier) from you about 2 1/2 years ago, and what an experience she has been for us. She is so full of love, so eager to please, so joyful, etc. She is also wonderful with our grandchildren which must be a result of the days she spent in the care of your family. I thought you would like to see a picture of the beautiful dog she has grown into. I wish I were better at taking pictures because she is simply stunning. Thanks again for adding so much pleasure to our lives.


Here are some pictures of our pups that I thought you might enjoy seeing. They are sitting on a doggy Christmas gift from a special friend of ours. Both are easy, well adjusted and making our family very happy. Sophie is very attentive and so likes to please. She even beats Simon in cooperation and that is hard to do. She wins everyone over with her size. Of course, Simon is patient with her. Thanks for these wonderful dogs!
Sincerely, Donna


Dear Margie,
Shame on me for taking so long to email you about Zach. We got him from you in April, 2002. We all love him dearly. He is smart and loving and very energetic--we get a big kick out of him. We went to puppy obedience and then on to get his canine good citizen certificate. We passed the Delta Pet Partner test and have started visiting nursing homes in our town. This photo is the one we used for our Delta ID badge. The old folks love our visits. We've also had lots of fun taking agility classes, where I've been told Zach is a "natural" and could go far (if I could keep up with him)! We started a private dog park here on our property a year ago, so every day Zach gets to run with our big Labrador retriever on 4+ fenced, grassy acres. He's got a great life, and has added much joy to ours.
Best regards,


I wanted you to know that we are absolutely in love with Oliver! He has been the best puppy, and I had expected puppyhood to be much harder than it has been. He is pretty much housetrained, doesn't really chew very much, and gets along famously with all the neighborhood dogs (even the ones who are about 10 times his size).
Here he is with Monica and Derek at Easter. Thanks again, so much. Oliver is a wonderful addition to our family.


We are having so much fun with Tara. It doesn't matter where we go with her, she steals the heart of everyone she meets. The people at the Breakbill Nursing Home are all enchanted with her. Here are some more pictures of her.


Fabian Chloe

Fabian and Chloe

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We love Satine! And she and Dinah are fantastic together! She is like a snuggly little doll. So..... fun having a "portable" dog! I take her into stores, shopping, etc.. everywhere and NOBODY cares. Even to pick up the kids from school. Anyway, I'll stop, but thought I'd show you the newest Rouland baby family member.
Peace out, girls.

Maisie Maisie


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Hi! Margie,
We are loving our new puppy!! What a sweet little dog. We have named him Bentley. He has settled in very well. Bentley and I are attending a puppy obedience class at our vets just up the street. He is definitely the best puppy there. The house breaking is going well---I am getting the hang of it and we think Bentley is also. We are going to Rebecca's for Thanksgiving and leaving Bentley with friends, our biggest fear is that they won't want to give him back when we come home. All the care and attention you and the children have given your dogs really paid off for Bentley--he is such a loving little pup and a pleasure to have around.
Just wanted you to know how we are doing.
Thanks, Jane

Ellis Ellis
Ellis is a riot and a handful, and we just love him!
He is well loved, spoiled rotten and thinks he is King. Thanks for a great dog!
Darrel and Angela Smith.


Trick or Treat (Boo)

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Veletia and Angel
Sun City Grand

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Nancy Wolfe

I wanted to say hello and let you know that Rex is doing very well.... His favorite place in the house is either on top of the back of the couch, or on someone's chest. LOL He's very affectionate...and everyone just adores him.

Laura from TX.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to own and love such an intelligent, spirited, fun loving animal! I can't imagine my life without her!

Jennifer Langenfeld

Carabean and Zoey are each special in different ways. Carabean is a snuggly shy little girl, whereas Zoey loves to play! They make me smile everyday, they are my special little girls...

The Bidwell Family

Here is our little "Popcorn". I can't tell you how blessed we feel by having him as part of our family. He is beautiful, intelligent and most of all incredibly loving and patient! We adore him-and I believe the feeling is mutual. Thank You!!

Sheila Stutts
Hi Margie,

I would never go to anyone but Monarch for the perfect puppy and life-long companion. You'll get some mail from me this month and I look forward to hearing from you about your puppies.

Catherine and Nick
Lenox, MA.

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Justin Golden

I am still as thrilled with Bodhi as I was the very first day, what an amazing dog. How often I hear on my many dog walks that he is the most beautiful cavalier that people have ever seen. If I ever move from my apartment to a house one of the first things I will do is contact you for another. I trust all is well with you and your beloved family, with my many thanks.


Margie Dunton from FL and her dogs.

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