Ricco is the 10th Papillion in the world to have this Trick Dog championship title! I thought you might like to know…..
We are moving on to the AKC title. I just have to send them a video to their specifications. Have I said lately how much
I love this dog? Thank you from the bottom of my heart for him.

Here are just some of the many champions bred by Nova Puppies


Here is Pippa’s Award of Merit picture from the Patriot Specialty. She is entered
Sunday in New Hampshire. She has 10 points towards her grand championship.


Pippa, New "Grand Champion".

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Sir Newton

Sir Newton is sired by Zuko and his dam is my Tonette who is sired by Titus.
Sir Newton is #4 in the nation right now - owned and loved by Kathy Mims - shown by Ellen Perry.
UPDATED: 1/30/2018
He is currently either #2 Breed or #3 All Breed I think, according to AKC. He is very handsome-I knew he was special when he was a growing teen and those huge ears and gorgeous coloring.


Ch. Tazr

Here is a pic a Ch. Tazr after winning his 4pt Major in Turlock Ca last month - which give him 9pts towards his Grand - he has now defeated 2 champions - This was a major but I forgot to have them put major on the sign. Oh well- there will be more.
I am still interested in nice show female should you have a super girl in the future.
Enjoy this pic - I look at it a lot - LOL
Thanks Margie

Tino the top winner!

GCH UALCH UCD URO1 Monarch's Perfume & Promises CD BN GN RN CGC, RL1, Can. CD RN

I have decided that I would like to get another one of your beautiful Papillons. Would you please add me to your waiting list. I am interested in getting another show quality female. I prefer the white & black or the white, black & brown coloring. I also plan on obedience training this dog, as well, so I need one that gives a lot of eye contact. I'm not in a really big hurry, but I wanted to let you know so you would be looking for a good one for me.
I can't believe that my Chanel is already seven years old. I had so much fun showing her to her Grand Championship! After I had her spayed, I then showed her to her UKC altered championship. She has won several UKC Altered Best in Shows. I've attached a photo showing one of her wins. We continue to work on her obedience. However, she likes to practice more than she likes to show. She's quite the little diva. We did travel up to Canada and she got her Canadian CD and RN titles.
Norine Nieman

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Chris & Gracie

Here are the pictures of Chris and Gracie. Father and Daughter. Chris finished his Grand Ch and Gracie finished her Ch on the same day.

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CH Monarch's Thats My Little Margie

Dear Margie, I just wanted to give you a short update on CH Monarch's Thats My Little Margie. She just turned two this past Feb. We have had such a good time together going to the dog shows and just being my companion. She qualified for puppy of the year competition with the Cavalier king Charles Spaniel Club,USA at nine months old. She earned her AKC championship this past January before she was two years old. She has almost achieved her AKC Grand Championship . This is phenomenal as I am not the greatest dog handler and Margie is the first champion I have finished. We have taken lessons and learned together. I could not have gotten a better dog anywhere, I am convinced of that. She has the most beautiful tri color markings of any I have ever seen . Oh how I wish you could see her in the show ring, you would be so proud. Margie, I just wanted to let you know how well she is doing with her show career and I will continue to show her as long as she enjoys it. You have bred some spectacular cavaliers and I am so proud to have a Monarch Cavalier. Keep up the good work and I will keep you posted on Margie's accomplishments. Thanks again for my sweet baby:) Fowler
Jim & Fowler Bellflower
Tampico Farm
Yorktown, Virginia
Margie is now a Grand Champion!


Ch. Monarch's Naughty and Nice of Monarch

Hi Margie, just wanted to let you know that Angel is now Ch Firefly's Naughty N Nice of Monarch sired by Ch Sandel's Monarch's Benjamin and her dam is Monarch's Dainty Dinah-Stee. She finished her championship on November 2, 2013 at the Oak Ridge KC show in Knoxville, TN under Judge Mrs. Polly D. Smith. She came to live in our home in May 2012 with a fun loving personality that everybody loved. She loves to play and will play non stop if you let her and she carried that love into the show ring every time.
Thank you so much for letting this beautiful girl come live with us. She was such a joy to show and just loves everybody.
Chris Hutchinson

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Here is the picture of "Isabella" Monarch's Just Like Heaven - finished her championship at the Papillon Specialty last weekend Olympic Kennel Club! I am very excited!! Hope everything is good with you!
Isabella is sired by Max (Ch Joco's Tuinluv Braveheart) and her dam is Lady (Trinket's Zelicaon Lady).
Love Carol


Monarchs' the X Factor at Streetsmartz ( Kelvin) just under 15 mos, has been shown sparingly in Southern California got two majors in one weekend.Thanks Margie for this wonderful boy out of your champion Sandels Monarch's Benjamin. He has a great start toward his championship.Looking forward to a great show career.
Hi Margie,
Here is Ch. Monarchs' the X Factor At Streetsmartz ( Kelvin ) winning BEST In SHOW at the Papillon Club Of America Specialty Show over the top rated champions on the west coast. Not quite 2 years old. We Love him!
BISS GCH. Monarchs' the X Factor at Streetsmartz( Kelvin) won Best of Breed
both days at the prestigous Burbank Kennel Club nearing his Bronze Grand Championship.
Matt Gregory Los Angeles Ca.
Kelvin won over 8 specials at Mt Palomar.

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Margie, I just thought i would let you know our monarch son Zuko went BISS out on the west coast at their specialty!!!! I am so proud of him and being my bred by boy... please dont forget about a girl for me please and thank you.
He is out of Chloe I got from you same breeding as puzzle and BISS Su Ch Caratoot's Captain Courageous.
Love Stephen

Bo Bo


Click here to read what Becky wrote about her Champion Monarch puppy.


Tino picked up Select the last 5 shows. He got his UKC Grand Champion Title and is now the #1 UKC champion. 6 Days later he got his AKC Champion Title. He only showed 5 weekends so I was happy. Ended up with 3 Majors and the last one was 5 Points at a Specialty Show....
Tino is showing in Rally Performance and is getting top scores.... out of 400 possible points this last weekend he got 397.... so he is going to be one all around dog.
We have only shown 4 weekends since he got his Championship and already have 2 majors and 24 points... We are 32 points I think it is out of the top 20 per the Doggie Info Site Audra uses..
"Tino's traveling trophies"
Latest update from Carol: Tino was the big winner this year.... And it wasn't just for conformation... 2 trophies, a medallion, name on 2 plaques... Love this guy.... He surpassed all my expectations and is still giving me more.... Titling in 3 difference performance events, titling in 4 different performance events, high scoring UKC obedience... Highest AKC obedience award with a handler over 50.... That was a surprise .....
Margie comments - "Tino is the most amazing dog I have ever bred!" Definitely more versatile and the most titled - he has them all beat!


Monarch's latest champion!!!
Ch Sandel's Jack



I've been meaning to send you an email, but I wanted to let you know Jasper finished his UKC CH and received a RBIMB. My daughter handled him and did a great job. Thanks for sending me this little guy, he's been super :)

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Chris, (Monarch’s Delyteful Prince Christo) is now a Champion! Here’s the picture of him winning the final points towards his Championship! He finished with 3 majors, two of them at Specialty shows. Thank you so much for such a wonderful dog. He’s such a joy and we’re so proud of him. We just love him to pieces!
Ray & Debbie


Chris won BOB at the show up in Canada.

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Here are the pictures from Rio's latest wins. He now has both majors and 11 pts. He has won back to back shows on 2 separate weekends and I am so very proud of him. He loves to show and is a love to own. I couldn't be happier with him and want to thank you again for sharing him with me. I will keep you posted on his progress towards his championship. I also hope this finds you and your beautiful family well.


Merry is a new Champion! She finished her championship in only three weekends from the puppy class.
Merry was Winners Bitch and Best of Winners for her second 4-point major from the 9-12 puppy class at the Decatur, Alabama, Kennel Club in Priceville, Alabama, on Sunday, November 13, 2011, under AKC judge Mrs. Mary B. Napper.
Special thanks to my excellent handler Ellen Perry!


TJ is sired by Titus and his dam is Monarch's Lady Brooke.
This TJ's finishing photo. He finished with one three point and two four point majors back to back...... He is the love of my life!
Thanks for everything!


I really wanna thank margie riccomini to give me this precious papillon! The most lovely and beautiful one, Fancy Pants is a bomb in the ring, in a few shows he has won many group placements and a his placement under great judges. He has finished his Colombian ch, Peruvean ch. International ch, Latinoamerican ch. Ecuatorian ch. Americas y El Caribe ch.
Fabricio Pastor



Hi Margie,
It was so nice to see you in Topeka two weeks ago. That same weekend Chanel finished her Beginner Novice title in obedience. This past spring she also completed her level one UKC rally title.

I received Chanel's Grand Championship photo yesterday and I have attached it to this email. I'm also attaching a nice head shot of her that was taken at the Pap Nationals this year.

I believe she is Monarch's first Grand Champion! She is now known as GCH CH URO1 Monarch's Perfume & Promises BN RN, RL1.


I'm hoping we'll have a few more obedience titles to add to her name as this year progresses. She already has a 3-point major win toward her Grand Championship title. I am having so much fun showing her. Thank you again for such a little darling!
Norine Nieman

Carmela Giorgio

Carmela and Giorgio

Hi Margie,
Here are the show pics that I have been promising for your website and captions!
Carmela, is one of the nicest girls I have owned. She has been BOS Multiple times to BISS BIS CH Queen Bless JP Princaple Kid The #1 Papillon In The World. Judges have made comments about her being one of the nicest bitches they have seen! She is a BIS Int/Nat CH and a AKC CH. Carmela received 3 majors, 1 major was in the Toy Specialty!
Giorgio, is a very pretty boy with a sweet personality! He loves to sing with Henk! He is AKC ptd. and very close to finishing his Championship!
Thank You, Margie for letting me own both of these very lovely dogs!


This is AKC/UKC CH Zelicaons butch Cassidy at Draco. Parker is owned by Anita Wright. He is currently the #1 Papillon AKC Eukanuba breed standing. He has 20 Best Of Breeds so far and is Group Placementing at just over 18 months old. He is sired by CH Monarch's Mighty Titus by Sandel

"Tristan" Monarch's Ears Looking At You is an AKC and UKC champion.


This is UKC Champion Monarch 's Ears looking at you . Tristan is a Multi group placer and Reserve Best in Show winner UKC. And only needs one major to finish his AKC Champion title. All at under two years of age!!. He has the best personality of any Papillon I have ever met. He goes everywhere with me. Golfing , Sailing, and to work, making friends where ever he is. The next titles we will be working on is Agility and Tracking!!! I want to take this time thank you Margie for sending me such a wonderful, sweet, beautiful dog. Tristan means the world to me and my family.
Anita Wright

Sophie is a new champion owned and shown by Julie Brown.


Dear Margie,

I wanted to send you a few pictures of Puzzle so you could see how he's matured. He is a beautiful boy, almost to beautiful to be a boy. His teperament is impeccable and he's a joy to live with.

Puzzle finished his AKC Championship in 6 months with 3 majors. He continually won over specials for breed. I have decided to wait until January to special him because he still had some maturing to do and he was a little out of coat when these photos were taken.

He has won 2 Best in Shows, finished his UKC Championship, finished #1 Papillon in 2004 and went on to place #5 dog in the nation in UKC. You can see his winnings at http://www.ukcdogs.com go to the top ten overall finals. It was a black tie affair and sponsored by Dog World magazine. Quite an event.

Mostly though, I am writing to thank you for entrusting such a great male to us. I know that you knew from the beginning he was very special and he has certainly turned out spectacular. He lives in our home, sleeps in our bed and goes just about everywhere the family goes. He is quite spoiled!

Dazzle and Scribble are doing great also. Dazzle has finished her UKC CH and turned out to be about 5.8lbs. She is bright and has a delightful personality. They have all been OFA knee cleared, hearts clear and eyes are clear. I don't hesitate to recommend you to people looking for quality puppies.

Scribble is pointed AKC but we will be waiting to finish her CH this January when we Special Puzzle. She has a little surgery for a tear on her shoulder and we had to shave her a bit. So we are waiting for her coat to catch up. Nothing serious.

Hope you enjoy the pictures!

Tammy DeWitt

Champion Sandel's Monarch's Concerto (KC)
KC got his Championship with three 4 point majors and one 3 point majors by 4 different judges.


From Yvonne and Sylvio in Tullin Austria

Two weeks ago my US guest BIS, BISS, multi Ch. Monarch's Come Dance with Me -Sylvio- (owner A. Nettles, Amore Beau) won 2xCAC/BOB and BIS-3 and Reserve BIS at the CAC Recklinghausen. He has now all his CAC ready for the German Champion but we first can finish next year ( waiting time).

Last weekend I travel down the long way to Austria's biggest show in Tulln-Austrian Bundessieger 2008.

Under Belgian Judge Mrs. Monique van Brempt we did it well again... Syvio won V1, CACA, CACIB, sterreichischer Bundessieger 2008, CRUFT QUALIFICATION 2009, BOB and was shortlisted in the Group.

With this win Sylvio has all his qualifications for ready for International , German and Austrian Champion can finish the titled next year with one more win.


Dear Margie,
Sylvio finished with 115 Best of Breeds, over 30 Group wins, 4 Awards of Merit, and Best in Show. Will still show here and there and all specialties I can go to but mainly he is just spoiled and pampered. I am crazy about that dog so thank you, thank you!!
Anne Nettles, proud owner

Mia is sired by Raider and her mom is
sired by Moe. Mia is the sister to Sylvio.

Tazzy is pictured here at 9 mos of age. She got two majors her first weekend out and
is now a finished champion. Her sire is Lucky and her dam is a Tango daughter.
She is owned by Becky Legg-Merrill of Alaska

"Apogee finished his championship while owned by Leslie Gowdy of St. Louis, MO.
He now belongs to Kay Butler of St. Louis, MO."

We finished Casey's championship.
He now belongs to Stephanie Amberger of NC.

Tango is a Sire of Merit.

"Jodi was shown and finished by her
owner Sue Austin of Batavia, NY."

Java finished his championship at about one year of age.

Zoey's registered name is Lots of Love's Spitfire Girl.
Her sire is our Moe and her dam is Eppie.
She got a 4 pt major at the San Antonio Papillon Specialty and finished
her championship in Kansas City. Congratulations to owner Brandi Bray.

Hi Margie! Heres Champion Scandells Bringing sexy Back To Monarch,
by Champion Hillviews Billy Blue Boy
and out of Monarchs Portrait of A Lady!
Hes absolutely gorgeous and we love him very much!
Thanks again for entrusting us with such a quality Cavalier!
Maria Scandell

Here he is! Our Champion!!!
CH Deputy Copper of Monarch
Owned, pampered and loved by Jim & Fowler Bellflower
His sire is Heartlands New Town Sheriff and his dam is Monarch's Lady Courtney.
Yorktown, Virginia

Truman finished his championship very quickly. He won each time out with 7 Winner's Dog,
6 BOW's and 3 BOB's. He is proudly owned by Melissa Hatfield of Arkansas.

37 BOB, and an AOM at Meadowlands at Westminster as well
as one at Eukanuba/ Invitation to Crufts.

Trygve is owned by Karen Furgus of Michigan.

Here's Castlemar's Don Juan of La Reina winning at the Santa Barbara Kennel Club.
Our boy has 13 points now, and needs only one major! Pictured with handler Julie Kay.

Castlemar Cornerstone "Stoney" finished his championship in Wichita and is sired by Baxter.
His dam is Courtney's sister Gem bred by Monarch and owned by Dale Martenson. We co/bred
Stoney to achieve the best of the best!

"Lego" (Monarch's Legacy) is a finished champion at 17 mos of age. He is now the 13th Cavalier in the nation. We are very proud of him. His sire is Baxter and his dam is Proudy's sister Hope. He is owned by Michelle Erickson of Hardy, IA. and handled by her daughter Erica. Lego and Erica are doing very well this year! They will be going to Westiminister to compete in Jr Handling. Erica is the #2 Cavalier Jr handler. Congratulations to a great duo!

At two years of age Royal is in the top twenty Cavaliers in the nation.
He is owned by Tom and Emily Stewart of Topeka, KS.

Monarch's Stealin' Your Thunder, "Dallas" is now
owned by Ricky and Diane Dorrow of LaPlatta, Mo.

China was shown and owned by Marsha Williamson of Independence, Mo.

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